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Trane Refrigerant Reclaim Program

The US Environmental Protection Agency has mandated refrigerants be recycled. The Trane Refrigerant Reclaim program safely recycles recovered refrigerants while earning you instant in-store credits!

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refrigerant handling

Refrigerant Handling

Climate change is a serious environmental danger, and many countries are committed to reducing the volume of manmade gasses emitted into the atmosphere in order to combat the greenhouse effect. Refrigerant reclaim and recovery are at the forefront of this effort since common HVAC refrigerants can negatively impact the environment. Trane Supply provides a full line of refrigerant handling equipment that conforms to all local, state and federal laws and regulations for proper refrigerant recovery. This includes leak detection equipment, refrigerant cylinders, tanks and recovery units.

Manifolds and Pumps

Vacuum pumps are an essential tool for the HVAC professional. The best vacuum pumps lower the atmospheric pressure inside the HVAC system in order to extract moisture from it. Platinum Vacuum Pumps from JB Industries feature a gas ballast and blank off valve. These units provide two-stage design, easy maintenance, and they are field repairable. A set of manifold gauges is a crucial tool needed to measure pressure levels and avoid refrigerant cross-contamination. Trane offers a complete line of three and four port gauges for every HVAC/R application, including R22, R410a and R404a.

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Recovery Units

Refrigerant recovery is a critical operation, and the service tech must trust the integrity of the equipment. Trane Supply stocks quality refrigerant recovery units for commercial and residential applications from Appion, JB Industries, Yellow Jacket and Reftec. These units offer exceptional performance and are packed with a variety of features, including superior recovery rates, easy liquid to vapor purge changeover, quiet components, backpressure sensors, reusable filters and external circuit breakers.

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Ask about the COLDPACK™ combo – 10 cylinders R-22 (30#) & 10 cylinders of R-410a (25#) (P/N COLDPACK)

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