Emerson Thermostats

We know thermostats. We've been making them for over 75 years.

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Emerson Thermostats

80 Series™ Thermostats

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80 Series™ Thermostats

Thermostats that fit every customer

The 80 Series™ thermostats are the perfect fit for every application with universal, conventional and heat pump models. The standard footprint makes replacements and upgrades easier than ever without leaving visible marks on the wall from the old thermostat.

With a large, backlit display, easy to use design, flexible programming and dependable performance, 80 Series thermostats are the perfect fit for every application.

Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostat

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Sensi™ Wi-Fi Thermostat

We designed the Sensi™ Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat with you in mind. Easy install for you, upgraded features and convenient comfort for your homeowners. It's contractor-tested and homeowner-approved. Lower install time means higher bottom line. Sensi Touch is equipped with built-in install tools to keep techs moving- and your business efficient. And a responsive touchscreen and large, clear display make the new Sensi an attractive-and easy-choice for your homeowners.

All Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostats include the Contractor-On-Call feature that puts your company information at your customer's fingertips. So when they need service, you're just a tap away!

Emerson Thermostats

We know thermostats. We've been making them for over 75 years. With a commitment to quality engineering, reliable control and cutting-edge innovation, we are known as a leader in the industry. We've taken our decades of experience building White-Rodgers branded thermostats to develop our current Emerson thermostat line that offers a solution to fit every lifestyle. We've also applied the latest connected home technology to provide the next level of home comfort control with our line of Sensi line of thermostats.

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