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The EDGE 2.0 Family Is Growing – Check Out The New Pressure/Flow Hybrid Regulator From Victor®!


EES32 PFH-800 HYBRID Nitrogen Regulator

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Nitrogen Regulators

EES32 PFH-800 HYBRID Nitrogen Regulator NEW

For a regulator that offers complete control of nitrogen for purging, brazing and high-pressure testing, look no further than the new EDGE™ 2.0 Series ESS32 PFH-800. With its hybrid design, the EDGE™ 2.0 ESS32 PFH800 allows a single device to operate two separate flow rates, delivering unmatched convenience, safety and performance.

Coming Soon – the ESS3 extended family of EDGE 2.0 regulators.

In addition to EDGE 2.0 ESS4 series regulators introduced in 2017, the complete line extension of ESS3 regulators will be available for order in April, 2018.

Watch for further details on, or contact your local ESAB sales representative.

All the product specifications are available here

Each ESS32 PFH-800 also features the same EDGE 2.0 DNA users have come to expect, including:

  • Large diameter delivery gauge that allows operators to view pressure from a distance
  • SLAM™ Technology built into the adjusting knob to absorb the impact of a cylinder fall
  • Compact, patented design that integrates the gauge into the regulator body for superior safety and protection
  • Click here for the EDGE ESS32 PFH-800 Fact Sheet
  • Click here for the Take-One brochure
  • Variable speed drive protection

0386-0814 (245-03P)

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EES32 PFH-800 HYBRID Nitrogen Regulator

0386-0814 (245-03P)

Delivery pressure - 0-500 PSIG

Inlet pressure gauge - 0-4000 PSIG

Outlet pressure gauge - 0-600 PSIG

0384-0945 G150JP

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OxyFuel Kit

Victor J Series OxyFuel Tote

0384-0945 G150JP

Cuts up to 1/4" (6.4 mm) or 5" (127.0 mm) with optional tips

Welds up to 5/64" (2.0 mm) or 1" (25.7 mm) with optional nozzles

Outfit Includes:

  • G150 Oxygen Regulator (0781-4241) G150 Fuel Gas Regulator (0781-4240)
  • Plastic Tote Case (1421-0084)
  • Dual “A” Grade Hose (0386-1094) 12.5' x 3/16" (3.8 m x 4.8 mm)
  • Striker and Soft-sided Goggles
  • Torch Handle (101-01FP)
  • Safety Check Valves
  • Welding Nozzles

“MC Tank” 0426-0011

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Air Swirl Kit

TDLX-2003 Air Fuel MC Acetylene Braze Solder Kit

0426-0011 Outfit Includes:

  • PL-8ADLX-MC (0386-0834)
  • A-5 Extreme Air Acetylene Tip (0386-0102)
  • TT-MC Tote (1421-0035)
  • G4 Handle (0386-0308)
  • AH-12 Hose (0386-1090)
  • AR-MC Regulator (0386-0726)
  • TK tank key (0386-1226)

“B Tank” 0386-0578

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TDLX-2010B Roller Tote Outfit

0386-0578 Outfit Includes:

  • PL-8A (0386-0819)
  • A-3 Tip (0386-0101)
  • G4 Handle (0386-0308)
  • AR-B Regulator (0386-0725)
  • AH-12 Hose (0386-1090)
  • TK tank key (0386-1226)

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