Variable Frequency Drives

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TR200 Series VFD Benefits

Energy Savings

  • Simplified automatic energy optimization (AEO)—continually monitors the motor’s speed and load and adjusts the applied voltage to maximize energy savings.
  • Sleep mode—automatically stops or restarts the drive when its speed is outside set levels for a specified time, providing energy savings without separate controllers.

Cost Savings

  • Intelligent HVAC controller—four auto-tuning PIDs control the drive and up to three other devices, eliminating external controllers and reducing cost.
  • Built-in HVAC protocols—allow TR200 drives to become an intelligent part of the building management system.
  • Built-in protection—integrated technology eliminates the need for external protection devices while maximizing the life of the motor and other system components.

Trouble-Free Operation

  • Dual DC-link reactors—non-saturating reactors provide better harmonic performance than a 5% AC line or saturating DC reactors.
  • Automatic high ambient derate—if the ambient temperature exceeds the normal limit, the drive can be set to warn of its overtemperature and continue to run, keeping the HVAC system functional. To control its temperature, the drive will reduce the output carrier frequency and, if necessary, reduce the output current.

Easy to Install

  • Compact size—efficient heatsink design significantly reduces the footprint of TR200 Series drives, particularly in the smaller frame sizes.
  • Run-permissive circuit—the ability to accept a “system ready” signal assures that dampers or other auxiliary equipment are in the proper state for drive operation.
  • Real-time Clock—adds sophisticated performance to basic control schemes for increased comfort and energy savings.
  • Plenum rated—all drives and options are UL listed for installation in air handling compartments.

Easy to Use

  • Simple and flexible menu structure—many installations require nothing more than scrolling through the twelve “QUICK MENU” items to confirm the default settings. Users can also select up to 20 parameters to be included in a ”PERSONAL MENU” for easy access.
  • Trane Drive Utility commissioning and troubleshooting software—easy connection via the onboard USB port provides PC access to drive parameters without disconnecting the keypad or interrupting communications.
  • Advanced firefighter’s override—provides options for emergency operation (using either the drive only or coordinated with the bypass) that increase the safety of building inhabitants.

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