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Cheetah R11, R113, R123, R114, R245fa, R1233zd(e) Recovery Unit and MiniPurge LP and HP Purge Unit to Sub-cool During Recovery

  • R123: 123lbs/min push/pull: .91lbs/min vapor
  • Water-cooled plate exchanger provides excellent condensing capacity
  • Using the MPS unit to help sub-cool the tank during recovery reduces head pressure
  • Easy operations
  • MPS is multifunctional tool for purging and sub-cooling
  • Simple switch from liquid to vapor recovery
  • Built in hose evacuation setting
  • Automatic low pressure cutoff
  • Automatic high pressure safety cutoff
  • 10.6 CFM heavy duty vacuum pump
  • Pulls greater than 29Hg vacuum
  • Upright cart mount for easy portability
  • Large tires for rough terrain on Cheetah

Push/Pull Rates (R123): 123lbs/min

Vapor Rates (R123): .91lbs/min

Certified by ETL to UL-1963 standards Rated in accordance Certifications with ARI Standard 740-1998

Included with Purchase


  • Two 41 cubic inch filter driers
  • Two ¾” x 10ft recovery hoses w/ ball valves
  • One ¾” x 15ft recovery hose w/ ball valves
  • 25-ft power cord
  • 12-ft tank float cable


  • Discharge check valve
Order Number Power Options Cooling Options
CLP-115 103-127V,50/60Hz,1Ph,2Hp, 20A Water Cooled
CLP-240 220-240V,50/60Hz,1Ph,2Hp, 20A Water Cooled
MPS-115 103-127V,50/60Hz, 1Ph, 20A Air Cooled
MPS-240 220-240V,50/60Hz, 1Ph, 20A Air Cooled

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