Safe-T-Switch & AquaGuard

Condensate Management

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Safe-T-Switch & EZ Trap

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Safe-T-Switch & EZ Trap

Safe-T-Switch is the most reliable condensate over-flow switch available. It detects clogged air conditioning condensate drains and shuts off the system to prevent water damage to the structure.

The Most Reliable Switch:

  • Magnetic Reed Switch
  • Easy to Install & Service
  • Code Compliant
  • UL Listed 508
  • Installation on Primary & Auxiliary Drain Outlets or Pans
  • Electric Probe Sensors SS103E $ SS500EP

SmartTrap Kits

Patented float switch shuts down AC unit preventing overflow. Kits are available in five styles including deep cross, side entry, high flow commercial, and tamper resistant. All kits have the EZ Trap™ 2 year warranty. EZ Trap™ is a 24 volt 5 amp capacity switches.


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AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems are engineered to monitor, detect and arrest condensate water overflow. When the presence of any condensate water overflow is detected, AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems automatically turn off the primary cause of the condensing water: the HVAC/R unit.

With AquaGuard Condensate Management Systems on duty 24/7, you will have the peace of mind of the industry's most innovative and highest quality line of condensate management products. AquaGuard is a 24 volt 5 amp capacity switches.

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