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HVAC service and maintenance play an important role in your business. That’s why it’s critical to choose the right chemicals, coil cleaners and degreasers that fit each application. Trane Supply provides a complete array of chemical products specially formulated to ensure your HVAC equipment is cleaned properly without damaging delicate components.


HVAC Chemicals

Smart HVAC contractors know that carrying a full array of chemicals will help improve heating and cooling efficiency and extend the life of the equipment. Trane carries a full line of cleaners, oils, lubricants, and descalers. You’ll also find other useful products like duct sealer, adhesives, glycols, leak detectors and other specialty products.

Coil Cleaners

Improper application of coil cleaner on AC evaporator and condenser coils can damage the mechanism and create refrigerant leaks and cause efficiency deficits. While applying the wrong type of coil cleaner can result in visible damage to the fins, electrolyte breakdown between the copper tube and fins can destroy the heat transfer bond. Alkaline or acidic cleaners should be applied appropriately and allowed to foam for a few seconds to penetrate deeply into inaccessible areas. Trane Supply offers a full line of coil cleaner products in aerosol, spray pump, concentrate, and large quantity containers. From deep cleaners to protectants, we have a cleaning product for every coil application.

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Scale can be a significant problem, especially in commercial HVAC chillers, boilers, condensers, piping and heat exchangers. Water-sourced equipment will eventually corrode without proper care and treatment. Lime scale contributes to downtime, increased energy bills and higher capital unit replacement costs. Chemical descaling provides a simple cleaning solution that doesn’t require component disassembly. Trane descalers will quickly dissolve lime, rust, calcium and other deposits to restore lost efficiency, reduce repair expenses and extend the life of the equipment.

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