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Industrial Power and UL Fuses

Littelfuse UL Class Fuses protect critical components in HVAC systems like motors, drives, contactors and compressors. These fuse families protect systems from overload and over current.

Class RK5 Fuses - FUS01637

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Class RK5 Fuses

  • Trane part: FUS01637
  • Quality overcurrent protection for all kinds of HVAC load conditions.
  • Dual element design provides advanced short circuit and overload protection.
  • Up to 600V and 0.1A thru 600A
  • High Interrupting Rating (up-to 300kA)
  • Best in class current-limiting performance

Class CC/CD Fuses - FUS02309

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Class RK5 Fuses

  • Trane part:FUS02309
  • Extreme current-limitation in space saving design and are available up-to 60A.
  • Smallest fuse in the industry from 35A thru 60A ratings at 600V
  • Dual Element design & Time delay performance
  • Extreme current-limiting.
  • High interrupting rating

Class T Fuses - FUS02301, FUS02300

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Class T Fuses

  • Trane parts: FUS02301, FUS02300
  • Provide fast-acting overload and short circuit protection for non-inductive circuits and equipment.
  • Up to 600V & 1A thru 1200A ratings.
  • Extremely current-limiting
  • 200 kA Interrupting Rating
  • Variable speed drive protection
Littelfuse offers a variety of industrial power fuses to serve numerous applications. We provide an innovative selection of power fuses to meet the needs of our customers.

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