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As a member of a medical facility team, your ultimate goal is to provide a safe, welcoming and healthy environment for your patients and staff. In order to do that effectively, you need to focus on indoor air quality, and preventative maintenance that helps keep your system up and running 24/7/365, because system shutdowns are not an option. Reliability and efficiency are mission-critical components of your facility, but design strategies are dynamic and constantly evolving, so it can seem hard to keep up with the latest technology and innovations, not to mention, your facilities are continuing to age.

That’s where we come in. Trane Supply can partner with you to help you reach your facility goals by keeping your HVAC systems well maintained so they can run at their highest efficiency and reliability throughout their lifecycle.

The Importance of Preventative Maintenance

We understand that in a medical facility, having your system go down unexpectedly is not an option. We offer parts, supplies and temporary back-up solutions you need to maintain your systems providing maximum up time continued efficiency.

Our experience, applications knowledge, broad range of offerings, and global footprint offers accessibility to the best possible HVAC solutions to keep your medical facility up and running year-round. With over 180 Trane Supply stores throughout North America, the parts and expertise you need are just a short drive, phone call or click away. Let us take care of your HVAC systems so your staff can focus on providing the best possible care for your community.

Our Solutions

  • Equipment

    No one knows Trane® equipment better than we do. We offer an HVAC solution that delivers reliable performance, solid value, easy installation — in stock or with quick shipping, too

  • Trane light commercial rooftop units (LCU)

    Trane Supply carries several energy efficient LCU models: Precedent™, Voyager™, Odyssey™, and Foundation™, and they are stocked in store for your convenient and quick replacement needs.

  • MovinCool® portable rental units

    Whether planned or unplanned, portable rental units can help lessen the impact of your system’s downtime. We carry a full line of MovinCool units to get you back up and running as quickly as possible and with minimal impact to your facility operations.

  • OEM and wholesale parts

    We know that prevenative maintenance on your equipment is essential to ensuring that you have maximum airflow and keep the coils clean. Trane Supply can meet all of your filtration needs, help you find the sizes you need, and determine a schedule for replacement.

  • OEM and wholesale parts

    We carry all of the parts and supplies you need to keep your units up and running at all times. We are here to support your equipment from installation through maintenance and repairs. Whether you’re checking the belts or cleaning the coils, we carry the supplies you need for the job. Trust us to help you throughout the lifecycle of your system and help keep your equipment running reliably.

    We know that there is constant stress on your systems, so it may also be beneficial to keep some heavily-utilized items in stock at your site to help prevent downtime, such as OEM and wholesale motors or Trane VFDs.

    Utilizing frequency drives can also help you save both energy and money when you’re not at full load conditions.

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) & filters

    Indoor air quality can improve both patient and staff satisfaction in your facility.

We carry the filters you need to help make it easy to change your filters on a regular basis to enhance your medical environment. We can meet all of your filtration needs, from pleats to high efficiency bag filters and HEPA filters, help you find the sizes you need, and determine a schedule for replacement.

We also carry a full line of add-on IAQ equipment to enhance air quality and reduce odors, air pollutants, and common allergy triggers such as pollen, mold spores and dust. Air purifiers can also reduce bacteria, viruses and other airborne pathogens by 99%, and the technology has been validated for control of Salmonella, Listeria monocytogenes, E. Coli and Staph (MRSA).

This technology can help lower infection rates and improve patient satisfaction, as well as reduce sick time for your staff.

Our energy expertise and broad line of energy efficient solutions, products, and services make us an ideal advisor and partner for you. Our skilled team members can develop a customized solution for your facility to ensure your environments stay comfortable and healthy.

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The Trane 360 App and ComfortSite Portal work whenever, wherever you do, empowering you to find the right parts and get them in your hands faster than ever before. This convenient digital tool can eliminate phone calls or trips to the store by putting many of the tasks on your smartphone, including:

  • Comprehensive part ID and search, plus part availability
  • Literature
  • Locate the store closest to you
  • Online ordering directly through ComfortSite
  • All residential equipment and parts order data
  • Parts barcode scanner
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