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GVC-1502 TOL02131

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GVC-1502 TOL02131
Dry Steam Cleaning and Disinfecting

For power, portability, and versatility, the GVC-1502 dry steam cleaner is a great choice. Use it to clean a large selection of surfaces in a variety of environments, including coils, work tables, seats, carts, beds, carpets, upholstery, desks, door handles and more. The secret is in the ultra-hot vapor steam. Its natural properties explosively loosen dirt, grease, and grime. It doesn’t just clean. It also sanitizes your work surfaces. The high heat of the GVC-1502 kills bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew and other microorganisms on contact. An assortment of cleaning tools are included to suit a range of applications, including a sanitizer fogger to apply product like BIOSPRAY® TOWER.


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BIOSPRAY TOWER is a broad spectrum commercial disinfectant. It meets EPA (EPA#82972-1) guidelines for emerging pathogens and is EPA approved for use in HVAC systems. It kills and eliminates 99.9% of cold viruses and flu viruses commonly found on hospital surfaces. Kills 19 microorganisms and is tough on germs and easy on surfaces. This one step cleaning and disinfecting solution can be used in a variety of hard non-porous surfaces to clean and disinfect cooling towers, coils, the exterior of appliance, counters, waste containers, doorknobs and more. This product can be used on non-food contact and food contact surfaces when following the appropriate directions. It can be used as an effective non-food contact surface sanitizer that leaves surfaces sanitized with no pre-cleaning required. It also kills 99.999% of Bacteria on hard non-porous surfaces when food contact surface sanitation instructions are followed.


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BIO-JR – Portable Chemical Misting System

The BIO-JR is a portable hand or shoulder carried chemical spraying system ideal for sanitizing Evaporator and Condensor Coils, designed for quick and effective spraying of chemical products on a variety of surfaces. This fully portable system offers 110 psi power, at 0.34 GPM flow rate. BIO-JR can be used with ready to use chemicals, or concentrates. It includes 3.3. Gallon (12.5 liters) tank that can be used for “ready to use” chemical, or for water. It also includes a 1.75 quart (1.65 liters) chemical concentrate tank that allows for the adjustable metering of chemicals from a 30:1 to 6:1 ratio. The BIO-JR is powered by a long-lasting 12v deep cycle rechargeable battery. Comes with Machine, hose, spray gun 18” wand and variable spray misting nozzle.


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BioSpray®-5 and D2 Surface Cleaner – Portable System for Sanitation

BioSpray surface sanitation system from Goodway Technologies are patented, portable system for faster, safer and more efficient surface sanitation. The cordless BioSpray-5 system use an advanced CO2 delivery technology and lab-calibrated spray gun to apply BIOSPRAY-D2 alcohol based surface sanitizer with better coverage than traditional pump sprayers and it’s all packed into an ultra-portable hand-pulled package. Ideal for sanitizing/ disinfecting office space, fleet vehicles, equipment coming back for the field, lockers rooms, classrooms and many more.


  • Quiet, non-electric, no power source required
  • Lightweight spraying system for easy application
  • Highly calibrated delivery system for more effective coverage
  • Ultra-portable for easy transport and storage
  • BIOSPRAY systems use 88% less chemical, and speed up coverage by 64% vs trigger sprayers
  • Heavy-duty case can be used in rolling, or hand-held configurations
  • Delivers extremely efficient spray coverage. A 1 lit bottle of sanitizer and cover 1000 square feet of surface area.


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BioSpray D2 Sanitizer

BioSpray D2 sanitizer and disinfectant is ready-to-use, no-rinse, highly evaporative, non-corrosive and fast acting. Ideal for water sensitive equipment like motors, tools, classrooms, hospitals, control panels, and more. BIOSPRAY-D2 is an EPA registered isopropyl alcohol and powerful quaternary surface sanitizer. The product is a ready-to-use, quick-drying disinfectant. BIOSPRAY-D2 Sanitizer is approved for food and non-food surfaces. It eliminates 99.9% of tested pathogens in 10 seconds on non-food contact surfaces.

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