Portable Heat Pumps — Cooling and Heating in a Single Unit

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The cooler choice for your office or computer room.

The all-new Climate Pro K series brings “roll-it-in” and “plug-it-in” convenience with the innovative features that distinguish the entire Climate Pro line.

Key Features

  • Made especially for commercial spaces where comfort is essential to productivity.
  • Cools to mid-60s °F — for effective heat control around electronics, servers, and computers.
  • Air-cooled models from 12,000 to 60,000 Btu/h — let you size efficiently for your space.
  • Digital controls and auto operation — allow 24/7 programmable back-up of central systems.
  • Effective moisture removal — hastens drying for humid and water-damaged areas.
  • Connectivity ready with remote monitoring, geolocation and performance notifications.*

*Subscription required, coming in 2021

Ideal for...

  • Offices
  • Server and Telecom Rooms
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Laboratories
  • Banks
  • Emergency Back-up
  • Supplemental Cooling
  • After-hours Cooling
  • Retail Spaces

Climate Pro® K12

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Climate Pro® K18

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Climate Pro® K24

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Climate Pro® K36

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Climate Pro® K60

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Climate Pro® K63

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What is your Cooling need?

From server rooms to schools and hospitals to the outdoors-no matter what the application may be, you can't go wrong with the purchase or rental of a portable air conditioner unit from MovinCool. Our solutions for office and industrial cooling are flexible and cost-effective ways to save you money.

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