Danfoss Compressors and Flow Controls

Designed with contractors in mind

Danfoss is a leading global supplier of products and solutions for use in light commercial, commercial, and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Our comprehensive product portfolio includes high quality valves, sensors, line components and compressors, just to mention few.

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Service First Filter Driers

The most reliable filter drier with solid core technology

When you choose a Service First filter drier, you choose guaranteed long-lasting moisture protection and contaminate filtration in your air conditioning and refrigeration systems, regardless of application. Thanks to its solid core molecular sieve technology, Service First filter driers feature a faster adsorption rate, superior flow capacity, and low pressure drop, minimizing maintenance and running costs compared to other core designs.

AKS 1008 Pressure Transducers Buy Now   Contact Store

AKS 1008 Pressure Transducers

Sensor technology for high pressure regulation accuracy

The AKS 1008 pressure transducer ensures precise pressure measurement, allowing safe and energy-efficient operation of the system controls. The entire range of Danfoss pressure transducers has been optimized for a variety of applications and pressures, particularly suited for both indoor and outdoor chiller installations.

TR6 Thermostatic Expansion Valves Buy Now   Contact Store

TR6 Thermostatic Expansion Valves

Precise operation and long service life

The TR6 is the one of highest quality and most reliable thermostatic expansion valves available for residential and light commercial air conditioning, and heat pump systems. Developed to meet the industry’s most stringent energy efficiency standards, the TR6 has a hermetically tight design, incorporating a hot-pressed brass body and stainless steel power element.

A/C and Refrigeration Compressors Buy Now   Contact Store

A/C and Refrigeration Compressors

High performance with quick and easy installation

Danfoss offers a wide range of scroll compressors for light commercial, and commercial air conditioning applications as well as reciprocating compressors for variety of refrigeration systems. These robust compressors are designed for high-efficiency performance and built with contractor-friendly features for quick and easy installation.

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