DP®/DP Max

Extended Surface Pleated Filters

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For over 40 years, Airguard® has been providing the high-performance DP® filter at competitive prices. Using ground-breaking R&D to provide a lower pressure drop and higher dust holding, the DP/DP Max filters are better than ever. And with the largest inventory of pleats in the industry, availability is never an issue.

DP®/DP Max Filters

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DP®/DP Max

Extended Surface Pleated Filters

  • Standard and high capacity MERV 8, MERV-A 8-A
  • Low Initial Resistance for energy savings
  • Extremely high dust-loading
  • Quality engineered for consistent production
  • Industry's largest Inventory
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A.


  • 100% thermally bonded synthetic, proprietary media resists moisture and damage
  • Mechanical efficiency - achieves MERV 8 rating before and after a conditioning step/li>
  • Independently tested and verified for quality control
  • Extremely low pressure drop and high dust holding capacity


  • Heavy duty, moisture resistant beverage board frame
  • Two-piece frame provides rigidity with double-wall thickness around outer edge
  • Die-cut pattern provides 50% more contact points between media pack and frame
  • Integral die-cut cross members provide strength and rigidity
  • 4" models use die-cut finger separators to stabilize each pleat
  • Water repellent adhesive used to bond frame with media pack/li>
  • Rust-resistant, expanded metal support grid made of galvanized steel
  • 100% water repellent, high-strength adhesive coats entire interior of frame
  • Pleat tips of media pack bonded to diagonal support members
All DP filters are designed with a consistent pleat shape on predetermined centers causing dirt to collect evenly over the entire surface of the media. Fully utilizing every square inch of media results in a slow, steady rise in resistance for maximum dust holding capacity.

Pleat Consistency:
Airguard uses sophisticated production control techniques to ensure consistent pleat count, height, shape, andspacing. This uniform spacing contributes to a better-performing pleat with low pressure drop, full depth dust loading, and longer service life.

Because of moisture resistant media and construction, the pleats hold together even when wet, preventing delaminating, excessive buckling, collapsing, racking, warping, and bending. Additionally, the galvanized steel metal grid resists rust, maintains pleat shape, and prevents fluttering in even the most rugged conditions.

Compare the performance and value of DP pleats to other types of filters, including disposable panels, ring panels, pads and frames, and permanent filters. The DP line has significantly lower initial resistance levels to aid in your energy savings initiatives, and it also outperforms the alternatives in efficiency, dust holding capacity, durability, and price.

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