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SL-2000 Series Smoke Duct Detectors

The SL 2000 includes many features that represent true innovations from current generation duct smoke detectors. Our traditional installer/servicer-friendly approach has been closely followed and expanded throughout the SL-2000. This philosophy provides a new level of efficiency in after-purchase value to both the installer/servicer and end-user.

Our attention to detail has yielded a host of "No-Tools Required" features, as well as a multi-application performance level yet unmatched in the industry. Innovative product combined with unsurpassed customer service equals the right combination for all your projects.


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The SL-2000-P is a 4-wire, conventional, photoelectric duct detector. Featuring no-tools thumbscrews, one-piece cover, an onboard wiring diagram, high temperature, low flow, full range of input voltages, and a test port valve.


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The SL-2000-N is a 4-wire, conventional, ionization duct detector. Featuring no-tools thumbscrews, one-piece cover, an onboard wiring diagram, high temperature, low flow, full range of input voltages, and a test port valve.

The SL-2000-N is the only duct detector currently offering ionization technology. Approved by all major approval bodies, the SL-2000-N offers a solution to dirty, dusty, and foggy environments.

The SL-2000 no tools duct smoke detector is the contractor friendly duct detector. It features four thumbscrews to remove the cover, interchangeable ion and photoelectric heads, front or rear loading sampling tubes that lock into place without the use of tools, additional wiring contacts, wiring instructions that are affixed to the cover, and a smoke test port valve that allows smoke testing without the cover removal.

The SL-2000 duct detector is manufactured in the USA.

The SL-2000 series has the operating voltages of 24VAC, 24VDC, 115VAC and 230VAC for a full range of voltage options in the same duct smoke detector.

MSR-50r Series Remote Test Stations

The MSR-50r series remote test stations provide every combination of visual and audible notification required for duct smoke detectors. The MSR-50R series feature one LED indicator that changes color to indicate pilot (green) and alarm (red) status. The LED turns off to indicate trouble status.


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The MSR-50RKAV/R/C features a key remote testing ability in a double gang red decora-style plate with an enhanced sounder and LED strobe. The indicator/control assembly provides Visual indication of detector Pilot, Trouble and Alarm functions, lever-operated quick-connect "No-Tools" terminal block, port for plugging in optional strobe and compatible with all APC-brand duct smoke detectors.

  • The MSR-50RKAV/R/C is the industry's first LED strobe remote test station.
  • The MSR-50RKAV/R/C are compatible with all the Air Products and Controls duct smoke detectors.

The MSR-50 Series is proudly manufactured in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

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