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Purchasing a new heating and cooling system is a major investment for homeowners and can put a significant dent in budgets. Ameristar has a full line of affordable systems at a price point that will keep you and your client homeowners happy while providing long-lasting comfort.

Ameristar products provide you with the flexibility to purchase a single component or an entire system based on need, and at a cost-saving economic level. A brief overview of our product line follows.

Ameristar air conditioners

Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps: Ameristar air conditioners keep the cool air coming as needed, while our heat pumps provide seasonally comfortable air year-round. Both systems are efficient and affordable.

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Ameristar Packaged Unit

Packaged Units: Our packaged units are available in a variety of models to fit any home. All systems are whisper-quiet and highly-efficient while providing heated or cooled air to keep your customers happy and comfortable in their home for many years.

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Ameristar Air Handler

Air Handlers: An Ameristar air handler assists the air conditioner or heat pump in circulating conditioned air throughout the home. It is an affordable and effective add-on solution for air distribution, depending on the home’s geographic location.

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Ameristar furnaces

Furnaces: Ameristar’s gas heat furnaces are built to be an economical choice keeping customer homes warm in winter and circulating cooled air in the summer for year-round comfort.

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Ameristar indoor air coil

Indoor Air Coils: Working in conjunction with the outdoor unit, the indoor coils provide additional conditioned air throughout the customer’s home.

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Ameristar programmable thermostat

Programmable Thermostats: Easy-to-program thermostats allow customers to control and customize heated or conditioned air based on their schedules.

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Ameristar ductless system

Ductless Systems: Ductless systems offer the ideal combination of flexibility and affordability when replacing existing HVAC equipment or creating supplemental zones within a living space. Whether mounted on a wall or in the ceiling, these units offer quiet, high-efficiency comfort with no ductwork.

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